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Yaros Communications, Inc.

The most important goal for businesses, educators, and publishers is producing digital content that attracts more users to more content for longer periods of time.

The 17 years following the first mobile device in 2007 that provided endless streams of content on demand now dictate our preferences and sources for content and our habitual behaviors to consume it.  

Well-produced content appealing to our specific interests continues - provided we have time to consume it - but that content competes with overwhelming amounts of incidental information on apps and social media.

"Micro-moments" of engagement by fewer users produce less time on content, reduce learning and shrink and revenues.

New research proposes radically new strategies for producing any content that engages users with only limited time for - and interest in - content they would not typically seek or select.


Its goal is to add "SPICE" to content to extend users' "micro-moments" of attention to clickbait, novel AI-produced visuals and the seconds of social media videos

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